Michael Gennaco came to OIR from the Office of the United States Attorney, where he served as Chief of the Civil Rights Section. In that position, Mr. Gennaco was responsible for overseeing all police misconduct, hate crimes, and involuntary servitude investigations and prosecutions for the Central District of California. He also served as the federal civil rights liaison for community and public interest groups and federal and local law enforcement agencies.
   Prosecutions and investigations that Mr. Gennaco has been involved in included the prosecution of Buford Furrow, Jr., for his racially motivated killing of a postal carrier and anti-Semitic shootings of four children and one adult at the North Valley Jewish Community Center, the Thai El Monte garment slaveshop case, the UC Irvine and Cal State Los Angeles Internet hate e-mail prosecutions, and the prosecution of an INS detention enforcement officer for using excessive force. The Furrow prosecution was the first federal prosecution involving dual allegations of hate motivation and domestic terrorism. The UCI prosecution was the first federal prosecution of a hate crime perpetrated over the Internet. As Chief of the Civil Rights Section, Mr. Gennaco also oversaw prosecutions of officers from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the Adelanto Police Department.
   Prior to working at the U.S. Attorney's Office, Mr. Gennaco served for ten years as a trial attorney with the Civil Rights Division in Washington, D.C. While there, Mr. Gennaco successfully prosecuted an LAPD officer for using excessive force and false arrest and was involved in prosecuting numerous other hate crimes and police misconduct cases. Mr. Gennaco also served for two years in the Voting Section of the Division where he litigated voting discrimination cases.
   Mr. Gennaco is a graduate of Dartmouth College and received his Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Stanford Law School. He has also taught as an adjunct professor at American University Law School, George Washington University School of Law, Loyola Law School, and Chapman College of Law.
   Mr. Gennaco is the eldest of five children born to Mr. Armand Gennaco and Ms. Marie Padilla. Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr .Gennaco taught elementary and high school in Arizona public schools. Largely as a result of his multi-ethnic upbringing and the encouragement of his family and his mentor, the Hon. Thomas Tang, for whom Mr. Gennaco served as a law clerk, Mr. Gennaco has dedicated his entire legal career to the protection of civil rights.